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The fast AGP system based on Intel s.775 CPU.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

My testing RetroPC gear is constantly changing. I keep swapping parts and tuning the specs.

At the same time I try to keep things consistent so database of GPU scores could be easily comparable across the board.

Today, I'd like to introduce the newest Intel build that I managed to assemble. It's the fastest rig for testing AGP cards I was able to create from available PC parts. It is going to be the main system for benchmarking from now on.


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 3.2GHz s.775

MB: Asrock 4CoreDual-VSTA

RAM: Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR2 (3.5GB effective)

SoundCard: Creative Soundblaster Audigy

HD: Seagate 250GB SATA

PSU: SilentiumPC vero l2 500W

Optical Drive: LiteON BluRay Drive

Case: SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T

Operating System: Windows XP 32bit, SP3

Passmark 8.0 CPU Score

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